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Massage in Abu Dhabi Special Therapy

Before we talk about Massage in Abu Dhabi at Starcity lets first understand What is a Massage Therapy?

Massage in Abu Dhabi means rubbing full body with special oils to free your body and mind of pains, tensions and worries. This massage is done by hands, toes, knees, elbows and in certain cases with full body weight though walking on back. Your entire body relaxes and muscles expand as relaxation is the main aim. A human body has various pressure points. When these points are pressed, they work wonders for a human. At Starcity, we define Massage in just two words “Mass” “Age”. When done periodically, massage reduces your sicknesses and contributes to good life and long age.

starcity best Abu Dhabi Massage

Normally for men Massage Abu Dhabi works as a perfect ailment for all his mental and physical illness. At Starcity our Massage girls staff are expert in taking care of all your massage requirements. They are good listeners to understand your ailment and so suggest the best type of massage. In short massage is an art and the best alternative remedy for men and women. In Abu Dhabi with so hectic a life massage for men by women is a must. So if you have tiredness and in stress, you must immediately avail our massage. Have a look at our introductory video which talks all about our services.

Types of Abu Dhabi Massage at Starcity

Full Body Oil Massage : The entire body meets treatment with Massage Oil. Thereafter the masseur will use her experience  to rub your body with special oils. This will give relaxation and stimulate your skin dead cells. This pattern of Massage in Abu Dhabi is perfect cure for various pains and sickness. This is also a good cure for long-term pains in men. This is the most widely sought form of massage service Abu Dhabi. Our Abu Dhabi girls also specialize in providing this form of massage service.
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Aromatherapy Massage : Aromatherapy Abu Dhabi Massage is in line with Swedish massage with difference being the essential oils to cater to special requirements and needs. Aromatherapy massage is best to kill stress and mental worries. The oils with special fragrances like Lavender, Oudh and related fragrances calms down mind. The aroma plays wonders when it merges with the massage strokes. This is further enhanced by the smiling and pleasing personality of our Abu Dhabi massage girls.
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Prostate Massage : Here the masseur will use her covered fingers or an instrument to massage your rectum. Medicated Oil covers the instrument or finger. Regular prostate Massage in Abu Dhabi reduces the risk of prostate cancer. This also serves as a treatment for genital pain and symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It also improves overall erectile function. It increases seminal fluid and circulation as well.
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Hot Stone Massage : This is done with hot and smooth flat black stones. These stones are then placed on your body at certain pressure points. At times certain pressure helps loosen the tight muscles in your body. The pressure and the heat helps melt the air vacuum in your body that causes you pain and discomfort. This message comes in the class of medical massage but without any side effects. The warm feeling relaxes and eases the pain as the air vacuum dries up and results in compressing the muscles that has expanded due to air in it. This Massage Abu Dhabi spa technique proves very effective to relieve muscle pains and muscle tensions.

Shiatsu Massage : Shiatsu is a form of ancient Japanese bodywork. Here the therapist uses her finger pressure, Its more in line with acupressure technique. The pressure is for about five to ten seconds evenly to open the chakras within your body. These allow the flow of blood and rejuvenate your body with positive energy and excellent balance all over. This technique has its special skill wherein even though the pressure by fingers is firm, unlike Deep Tissue massage there is no sign of any sort of sore on your body. Hence lots of people love Shiatsu Massage in Abu Dhabi. This massage originated in China but perfected and named as Shiatsu by Japanese.

Four Hands Massage : Four hand massage is a type of massage therapy that involves two therapists working simultaneously. There are a number of styles to choose from. So you can select the style that works best for you. As a general rule, this type is more expensive than other forms of massage. This is because it involves two therapists payment for their time and skill. During the most classic form of four hand massage, the therapists mirror each other, with one taking the lead while the other follows.
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Swedish massage Therapy : Swedish Abu Dhabi Massage is the most common massage type all over the world where in our girls in Abu Dhabi use smooth strokes with circular movements on your entire body with oil or lotion as per customers ask. This massage is very relaxing and tends to erase all worries and tensions. The muscles of the body calm down and new energy replaces the fatigue in your body. Most people in Abu Dhabi opt for this type of massage. This is the best therapy for beginners especially for people who have a tough daily routine

Deep Tissue Massage : Deep tissue massage is for deep pains and hence it targets the deeper layers of muscles in your body. This massage is done with power for the effect and pressure to reach to lower tissues. Many a time your body gets stiff due to posture, work conditions, strains and some injury. Old injuries which may heal from outside but from within leaves it’s after effects of pain are best treated with Deep Tissue Massage in Abu Dhabi. Seldom after the therapy there is some sore for one to two days. This is because of extreme pressure for it to reach to every layer of muscles.

Sports Massage : Sports massage is best for people who are into hard labor work which involves extreme physical efforts. The word sports do not mean that one is into field of sports to get this massage. The aim is preventing and treating injury and be on top of your routine hectic physical work. This massage also needs heavy pressure to cure the person of pains due to injuries or physical stress.

Perfect Relaxation Massage : This Massage Abu Dhabi price is for men who have too much tensions and worries and just wants to relax. This is also for men who have a tough job and are fully tired as day ends.. These services are professional wherein the massage girls use pressure techniques on various pressure points in body, commonly known as “Chakras”. These massage girls in Abu Dhabi are well-trained in it and know exact spots which they will press and rub as a part of good relaxation therapy.

Pregnancy Massage : Pregnancy massage or prenatal massage is popular with expectant mothers. This massage is better when done by certified massage service providers as proper pressure and proper place is the key to success here. The technique varies from patient to patient depending on what stage the pregnancy is at that point of time. This massage helps to cut the stress, pains and mainly anxiety that the expectant mother goes through during pregnancy. This Massage in Abu Dhabi also works towards regaining the same figure and shape post pregnancy and contributes to proper deliveries to a large extent.

Thai Massage Abu Dhabi Center: Thai massage is an active form of massage where in you don’t just lie down on the bed or massage table. The massage girl will stretch your body into various forms and positions to add in a sort of exercise along with massage. Gentle pressure at various points allows the flow of positive energy in your entire body. It improves stiffness and provides mobility and flexibility in your body. This Abu Dhabi Massage is very helpful for old aches and pains. As the same suggests this massage originates from Thailand and best done by Thai girls in Abu Dhabi. With main concentration on back and limbs this massage is very good for every person.
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Now that you know what massage is, we hereby welcome you to massage 2017. Here we also specialize in various forms of professional massage services. Our massage girls make sure that you get complete service for your money’s worth. So if you are feeling stressed after a tiring day please call us. Our massage girls can visit your home if you cannot visit us for Massage in Abu Dhabi. You can come and select the masseur depending upon the nationality you seek for massage.

They will make sure that you are happy and free of physical pains and mental worries. We want you to call us and come back again. Our service levels are high-class. Our Massage girls are expert in line of massage. So they join after a series of evaluation. The girls are excellent masseur to give you service with a smile and without getting tired. They will take care of all your pains during massage. This will be your best place to stay once you get in touch with our sober, trained and experienced massage girls.

massage in abu dhabi

Advantages of Massage in Abu Dhabi

  1. Massage in Abu Dhabi is the only therapy which cannot have any side effects as there is no oral intake.
  2. Massage therapy increases the blood circulation giving brighter skin and refreshing looks.
  3. Besides easy flow of blood throughout the body also sharpens your mind and senses keeping you proactive and face the daily routine challenges with a smile
  4. When done on regular basis Massage Abu Dhabi removes fatigue, tiredness and keeps you relaxed and active.
  5. In case you have some long time illness or pain, massage therapy will remove that pain and help in speedy recovery.
  6. Cure various other ailments like High Blood pressure, Diabetes, Sleeping issues with a round of massage.
  7. Now with new innovative prostate massage, it can fasten the prostate cure.
  8. Depression, tensions etc is history.

To end, at Starcity, the skills of Massage in Abu Dhabi masseur is the perfect cure for your physical and mental worries

Our massage girls are perfect motivators. Their dressing styles and presentable skills are perfectly suitable for a family session of massage. So erase your past aches and fill up your life up with pain-free present. Release your pressures and tensions because massage is the best remedy and cure for fatigue. It’s the most recommended and sought after tool for stress free life. It’s also the best alternative medicine for all mental cures. We prefer to cater to up class gentlemen who prefer quality of Abu Dhabi Massage over price. Hence like in 2016, our services are available only for classes and not for masses.

Our masseur comply with international standards of massage. Our Abu Dhabi massage girls are healthy, fit and full of massage skills. We give hygiene utmost importance along with quality service. Hence our success depends on your reviews. We don’t argue as we will let our Massage in Abu Dhabi services do the talk. Kindly leave your comments, reviews or suggestions as they will help us to improve our services. Also please accord star ratings below before leaving your comments to know where we stand in the market today. Our mission is to become the best service provider of Massage in Abu Dhabi and we seek your help on the same.

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